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How to Choose the Best Barber Kit for Beginners

When you grow a thick line of hair on your face you know you can't be dependent on your father's barber kit anymore. And then you probably need a kit that helps you to get a clean shave without any discomfort. But difficulty begins when you tend to buy one from the market. There are various things that complete a shaving or barber kit, and you need to know them to end up getting the best kit for having the smoothest shave being a beginner. So follow the entire blog to know how to choose the best barber kit for beginners.

5 Considerations To Choose The Best Barber Kit For Beginners


Razor is the first thing that you must look for before buying a barber kit from the nearest store. A razor is a thing that completes half of the kit. And the presence of this shaving instrument determines whether you investing in the worst shaving kit or best barber kit for beginners. Though all razors are not very best for shaving, still any razor in the kit is a perfect shaving kit your need being a beginner.

A perfect razor is determined by the quality of its blade and other protection features. Overall, you must check the razor is not very lethal to use.

Lathering Agent

You might have a seemingly good razor in your kit but does it have a lathering agent? Well, first you must know that razors are not for lone use. They need proper lubricant to glide over your skin and cut all outgrowing hair on your face. And that lubrication can be incorporated with a good organic lathering agent.

So better check whether your best barber kit for beginners contains lathering products or not. Otherwise, you are not going to have the smoothest and most pleasing shave just with your razor. Thus, an increase in bumps and burns chances.

Shaving Brush

Once you've dug through the different types of razors and lathering agents out there, the next step is to find the right shaving brush. If you don't know what a shaving brush is, it soft bristle brush that initially spreads lathering agents to each corner of your bared area. Apart from that they also loosen your facial hair so razor bald can cut them easily and quickly.

So it is very important to have a shaving brush in your best barber kit for beginners. Otherwise, you are not getting enough integral benefits from lathering agents, even you can hardly get a better shave.

Preshave oil

One of the common mistakes almost everybody does while choosing a shaving or barber kit is not checking whether the kit has pre-shave oil inside or not. While you think a shaving kit components ends with a shaving brush, a preshave oil is one of the most compulsory things that makes a kit the best barber kit for beginners.

Being a beginner in shaving you might not be aware of nicks, cuts, and bumps. These are some annoying aftereffects of almost all men face who is in the regular practice of shaving. Ans a pre-shave oil is the only thing that controls shaving aftereffects.

Aftershave Balm

Just like preshave oil bump aftershave balm is another compulsory thing that you are going to need being a beginner. And if your shaving or barber kit doesn't possess such a product then avoid buying that kit. Though preshave oil reduces the risks of nicks and bumps, still you have a minimum possibility of getting nicks and bumps on your skin especially when you have naturally dry skin. And to remove them from your face you can use anti-inflaming and anti-septic aftershave balm.

So these are the 5 things you need to look for before choosing the right barber or shaving kit for yourself. You can also assemble your own shaving kit with preferable razors, lubricants, and Baynik Pre-Shave Oil with Baynik BumpBalm. To read more blogs like Why You Need A Pre-Shave Routine and how to get better Wet Shaving, follow our website regularly.


What is included in the shaving kit?

Razor, Lathering argent, shaving brush, pre-shave oil, and post-shave balm

What general items do you need to shave?

a razor, some warm water, and lathering agents like some soap, shaving foam, or gel

What is a traditional wet shave kit?

A traditional wet shaving starter kit that includes a safety razor, a shaving cream, and a shaving brush.

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