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Why You Need A Pre-Shave Routine: 7 Reasons Of Using Pre-Shave Oil Before Shaving

If you have been shaving for a long time, you can vouch that regular shaving makes men's skin dry and rough. Even you might agree that regular shaving makes your beard coarse and difficult to handle. And in such a situation, a quality pre-shave oil stands for your rescue. So today in this blog we are going to debate 7 reasons why you need a pre-shave routine before shaving.

6 Reasons Why You Need A Pre-Shave Routine Before Shaving

There are many more benefits of this underrated shaving product. Here are 6 reasons why you should add pre-shave oil to your routine.

Natural Hydration

The first reason to have a routine for pre-shave oil before a shave is natural hydration. Since you deprive hydration due to regular shaving you need to have the hydrating applicant to get a smooth shaving experience. And pre-shave oil is not only hydrating for your beard but also for your skin.

Its lubricating formula is meant to soften and prep your beard hair before shaving. The softer your skin and beard are, the easier it is to shave.


When you almost shave regularly you end up damaging your skin, where your skin becomes rough and dry. And this explains why you need a pre-shave routine before a shave. Pre Shave oil contains various natural ingredients that nourish your skin and makes it smooth.

Even, many of our customers have reported a huge increase in their shaving smoothness after using the Pre Shave Oil. So if you lack smoothness in your skin better try pre-shave oil on your beard and incorporate smoothness in your skin.


The main reason to have a pre-shave oil routine is to supply nourishment to your beard. A good pre-shave oil is made of essential oils that help you fight acne, fight age, hydrate the skin, and provide inflammation relief.

Various nutrients and mineral values like Vitamin E, zinc, iron, etc in them helps your skin to heal from inside. There are many other oils like tea tree oil, sunflower oil, etc that provide a smooth, slick shave.

Reduces Ingrowing Hair

If you have ingrowing hair on your face then you know why you need a pre-shave routine to follow. When you have these natural things on your face, neck they can be painful and cause irritation.

However, with a preshave oil in your routine, you can get rid of them with very ease. Here, an organic pre-shave oil softens whiskers and preps which ultimately help you to get an ingrowing hair-free shave.

Eliminates Razor Bumps

Along with smoothness, nourishment, and hydration preshave oil also help you fight razor bumps from the skin. There are many reasons why razor burn occurs which include shaving in rush, using an old razor, shaving a single area too often, and most importantly having rough and dry skin.

Pre-shave oil is a hydrating agent that smooths your skin and eliminates roughness. Therefore you get a bump-free, burn-free shaving experience. Along with that it also helps you to retain moisture in your skin.

Prevents Nicks And Cuts

There’s nothing more embarrassing than showing up somewhere with a gash on your face. Luckily, you have the option to use good pre-shave oil which is the key to minimizing painful cuts.

As we already said and saying again, pre-shave oils are one of the best things to hydrate skin and make it smooth. Thus, it helps to create a sleek surface for the razor to glide over. With natural smoothness, you get after using pre-shave oil becomes the reason for cut-less shaving. And that's the reason why you need a pre-shave routine before shaving.


If you are asking why you need a pre-shave routine then one of the simple and effective reasons is fragrance. No matter what you must always keep your appearance perfect. And with pre-shave oil, you can gain a natural fragrance which will add charm to your presence.

So, if you are facing a problem while shaving you must consider using Baynik Pre-Shave Oil to eliminate shaving problems like roughness, dryness, etc. These denoted reasons will clarify why you need a pre-shave routine whenever you shave.

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