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Hello From Baynik

Welcome to our website! We have taken the time to research and formulate our products especially for you! Furthermore, our products are manufactured at our own facility! We invite you to try our Pre-Shave Oil and BumpBalm™ Lotion and you will never have to worry about razor bumps again! Our BumpBalm™ has been proven to effectively eliminate bumps! Our 100% Organic Pre-Shave Oil will help give you a smooth shaving experience! 

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Our Story

The idea of formulating a product for razor bump (also known as razor burn) removal was first birthed in our minds when we realized that there were very few products on the market for bump treatment, especially for people with sensitive skin. A lot of men and some women suffer from skin irritation and pain associated with razor bumps. Razor bumps arise as a result of inflammation of the skin produced by in-grown hairs.

On a quest to fill some of the vacuum in the market for products to eliminate bumps, we started our research a few years ago and we have gradually improved our initial formulation over time. Our team research efforts have been largely spearheaded and directed by our Chief Scientific Officer who holds a Ph.D. degree in Biochemistry and has many years of research experience.

We are proud to present BUMPBALM™, our state-of-the-art lotion which works effectively to both eliminate pre-existing bumps and to prevent the onset of new bumps.

We are also pleased to present our ORGANIC PRE-SHAVE OIL which is made up of 100% organic ingredients. It’s a mixture of all natural oils (Sunflower, Jojoba and Almond) which have been produced from plants grown without the use of fertilizers or artificial pesticides, making our pre-shave oil a favorite in the market.



  1. We have our own manufacturing facilities where we manufacture our products in-house.

  2. We offer our products for sale directly to consumers.

  3. We also offer our products wholesale to interested retailers (contact us for more information about becoming a retailer).




  • Reduces the onset of ingrown hairs!

  • Anti-inflammatory!

  • Removes razor bumps!

  • Moisturizes and provides soothing relief!

  • Provides cooling comfort!


Pre-Shave Oil

  • 100% Organic!

  • For all skin types including sensitive skin!

  • Nourishes and moisturizes skin!

  • Revitalizes and conditions skin!

  • Helps razor glide smoothly!

  • Enhances the shaving experience!

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