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Our state of the art BUMPBALMTM™ is a great moisturizer and treatment for bumps. It is especially formulated to perform a dual function of treating and preventing bumps.

When hair follicles are clogged by dead skin, hair gets trapped beneath the skin resulting in “ingrown” hairs, which cause inflammation and bumps. These ingrown hairs can be prevented by exfoliating dead skin. Salicylic acid in our formulation helps prevent bumps resulting from ingrown hairs by providing exfoliation.

BUMPBALM™ also contains ingredients that help prevent skin irritation and inflammation such as Witch Hazel and Chamomile which are both well known for their anti-inflammatory properties.



Our PRE-SHAVE OIL contains a mixture of all natural oils produced from plants grown without the use of fertilizers or artificial pesticides, making it an excellent lubricant and moisturizer for your skin.

It nourishes, revitalizes, soothes and conditions your skin. Massaging a little bit of our PRE-SHAVE OIL on the area to be shaved before applying your shaving cream will enhance your shaving experience by allowing the razor to glide smoothly over the surface of your skin.

Bumpbalm™ and Pre-Shave Oil Bundle

$34.00 Regular Price
$25.00Sale Price
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