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How To Prevent Your Facial Bump?

Bumps are probably one of the worst experiences of shaving. Although this annoying thing happens due to several face conditions. And later when you try to shave your beard, you face them a lot. So in this blog, we are going to discuss ways by which you can prevent after-shave facial bumps. And how using products like Baynik Pre-Shave Oil and balm can help out.

What Are Facial Bumps?

Well, facial bumps or razor bumps are some skin conditions especially faced by men while they practice shaving. Facial or razor bumps appear with red and darkish pulps that grow along with your beard follicle.

Facial bumps generally occur with rough shaves, plucking, and waxing on your face. This health condition incorporates many risk factors like infection, pain, and irritation.

Causes Of Razor Or Facial Bumps

● Facial bumps are a result of rough friction of razor on your skin

● This facial condition also happen due to skin dryness

● Low hydration in your beard follicles makes shaving hard, resulting in facial bumps

● Blunt or rusted blade of your razor is one of the common reasons for this facial condition.

● Another cause of facial bumps is avoiding pre-shaving oils and creams like Baynik Pre-Shave Oil

The sensitive skin condition can also lead to facial bumps after a shave

7 Ways To Prevent Facial Bumps

There are core 7 ways to reduce razor or facial bumps from your face that are mentioned in the following:

Avoid Shaving With Excess Pressure

One of the common mistakes you probably do while shaving is applying excess pressure. Now you might say, excess pressure while shaving helps you to reach small hair on your face. But what about free facial bumps you get with it? So, better avoid shaving with pressure.

Shaving On right Direction.

And the second most common mistake you probably make while shaving is ‘against the grain’. So what is against the grain? This means you drag the razor in opposite direction from where your beard grows. People's beard mainly grows downward, so always try to drag your razor from up to down, rather than down to up.

Use Bynik Pre-Shaving Oil

You must always use Baynik Pre-Shave Oil in order to prevent facial bumps after a shave. As we said, dryness is one of the reasons behind facial bumps, so always hydrate your skin before shaving. By using our product you can eliminate roughness from your skin and get the best shaving experience.

Use Shaving Cream

Though shaving cream and shaving foam are not very useful for bumps, these products are just perfect to keep your beard hydrated. By using shaving cream or shaving foam you would hardly feel unnecessary roughness on your skin even you can get stress-free and fast shaving.

Avoid Frequent Shaving

To prevent facial bumps and inflammation from your face, you must avoid frequent shaving from your routine. You may have inherited fast growth of hair on your face and body but you must control shaving now and then. Frequent shaving can make your skin rough which could lead to facial bumps in the future.

Apply Baynik BumpBalm

The best way to get rid of razor and facial bumps is to apply bump blam on your face after a shave. By applying Baynik BumpBalp on your face, you can also get rid of inflammation, irritation, and redness from your skin. Its natural ingredients like witch hazel and chamomile will work as antiseptic material on your skin, keeping your face bump-free.

Relace Your Razor

When you use the same razor multiple times you can get facial bumps on your face whenever you shave. Using the same razor multiple time makes its blade blunt and rusted. And when you shave your beard with such a rusted blade you apply excess stress on your skin and lead it to facial bumps.

Facial bumps are one of the common skin issues that most men face during shaving. But hopefully, this blog might help in resolving your facial bump issues. And don't forget to try out our organic Baynik Pre-Shave Oil, Baynik BumpBalm for smooth shaving. Stay tuned with us to know the advantages ofpre-shave oil for men organic in our upcoming blogs.

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