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Groom Yourself With Baynik Bump Removing Products

A freshly shaved skin feels so soft and smooth, right? But then the annoying part arrives; the tiny, unsightly bumps!! Most men and some women with sensitive skin encounter a common problem called razor bumps, due to ingrown hairs on the face (especially with men) and on other parts of the body (especially with women), leading to skin darkening and scarring.

To be honest, home remedies take pretty long to show visible results. Well, the only products that can help treat and prevent these unsightly bumps are Baynik Pre-Shave Oil and Baynik BumpBalm. Formulated especially for men and women with sensitive skin, our state-of-the-art products give you a great shaving experience every single time! Interested in knowing the secret ingredients? Then, keep reading on!

Home remedies Vs. Baynik Pre-Shave Oil & Baynik BumpBalm

Before jumping to unfolding the secret ingredients of our grooming products, we would like to make one thing clear, i.e., how our 100% organic pre-shave oil is superior to home remedies. When we mentioned right at the beginning of the blog that home remedies work slow whereas our products show results fast, we actually meant that.

Now, are you wondering how come one is superior to the other if the recipes are natural and organic for both our Pre-Shave Oil and a home remedy? Well, the simplest answer is that our Pre-Shave Oil contains the right blend of natural oils.

Our BumpBalm is by far superior to a lot of after shave moisturizers on the market; as their function implies, all they do is MOISTURIZE, nothing more! Whereas BumpBalm works to both moisturize and eliminate the unsightly bumps on your skin, soothing your skin and making it feel soft and smooth!

When it comes to home remedies, we usually refer to our kitchen ingredients or something handy. But with Baynik Pre-shave Oil and BumpBalm, things are pretty different. To prepare our pre and after-shaving grooming products, we include Witch Hazel, a flowering plant (mainly found in eastern North America), and Chamomile (a plant found in various parts of the world including Australia, South America, North and South Africa and certain parts of Asia).

How do our products help you have a bump-free skin?

How many times have you received a suggestion that you should moisten your face with mild soap and water before shaving? A lot, correct? But we suggest you do not do that. You might get some okay results, but soap and water tend to dry out your face, resulting in painful cuts and nicks while shaving and also potential break-outs. Instead, use Baynik Pre-Shave Oil for a smooth barrier-free razor glide! Since the ingredients are 100% natural, there is no chance of witnessing unfavorable side effects. Then follow up with Baynik BumpBalm for a soothing bump-free experience!

How to use Baynik pre-shave oil?

Using our Baynik Pre-Shave Oil is no big deal! All you need to do is: take a few drops of the oil on your palm, apply it gently to your face, let it get absorbed, and then shave smoothly! Besides preventing bumps and pimples, this organic Pre-Shave Oil eliminates the chances of cuts and scratches while shaving.


  • Suits all skin types: Whether you have a dry, sensitive, or a combination skin type, this product suits all. So, there is no chance of rashes.

  • Great moisturizer: Blended with all-natural ingredients, Baynik Pre-Shave Oil nourishes your skin and locks in moisture, making your skin soft and well-hydrated.

  • Prepare your beard for shaving: The lubricating components of our Pre-Shave Oil moisten your face, make your beard soft, and prepare it for shaving. As a result, the razor glides off easily and safely.

  • Prevents razor bumps: When your skin is soft, your beard is moist, and shaving becomes convenient, there is no way of developing rashes or bumps.

How to use our Baynik BumpBalm?

The application procedure is similar to that of the pre-shave oil. After shaving, pat your skin dry, apply a few drops of Baynik BumpBalm to your freshly shaved face, and leave it on all day.

  • Treats facial bumps: Well, if you already have those irritating razor bumps on your face, our BumpBalm can come to the rescue! Both witch hazel and chamomile have anti-inflammatory properties that treat and cure bumps, and inflammations.

  • Adds a healthy glow: Chamomile, rich in antioxidants, renews skin cells and tissues, and protects your skin from radical damage, giving your skin a healthy glow.

  • Cooling effect: Men and women who have sensitive skin might feel irritation, itchiness, and a mild burning sensation after shaving. Applying our BumpBalm calms down your skin with its cooling effect.

So why aren't our grooming products the best? We are currently providing a bundle offer where you can get both our Baynik Pre-Shave Oil and Baynik BumpBalm with exciting discounts! Get your bundle and have a safe, smooth, and easy shaving experience with Baynik products!

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