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Things You Need To Consider For The Long-Lasting Shave

Shaving every day may give you a competent hand, but it will also make your skin worse. Any male who has shaved on a regular basis for a long time can attest to this. Shaving on a regular basis dries out the skin and makes it harsh over time. Your beard hair will become coarse and difficult to manage as a result of this. And even after all this, the shave won’t last long! Well, thankfully baynik pre-shave oil is here for your rescue, with other tips!

How Baynik pre-shave oil makes your shave last longer

Baynik pre-shave oil is intended to be applied before shaving, as the name implies. It prepares your beard and ensures that you enjoy smoother shaves with less effort. Not only that but there are several more advantages to using this underappreciated shaving tool. Here are a few reasons why you should start using our pre-shave oil right away.

Natural Hydration

Not only does our Baynik pre-shave oil hydrates your beard, but it also hydrates your skin. Its lubricating composition softens and prepares the hair on your beard before shaving. The simpler it is to shave, the softer your skin and beard are. Apply the oil to your skin and beard a few minutes before shaving and let it on for it to penetrate completely.

Protection From Razor Burns

Our Baynik pre-shave oil has calming ingredients that aid in the prevention of razor burns. If you massage the pre-shave oil for men organic well enough and keep it on long enough, your beard will rise to the surface. This reduces razor burns and irritation by ensuring that your skin has little contact with the blades.

Multiple Uses

We made our pre-shave oils with a combination of nourishing essential oils and vitamins. As a result, most pre-shave oils may be used after shaving or as beard oils. After all, whether you're shaving or flaunting your beard, it will moisturise and soften it.

No Bumps Or Ingrown Hair

Ingrown hair curling up beneath the surface of your skin causes razor pimples. This is simply addressed by exfoliating and moisturising the region on a regular basis. Dry skin can become flaky and rough, exacerbating the problem. Shaving over a hump becomes more difficult as a result of this. Our pre-shave oil will keep your skin moisturised at all times, reducing the risk of bumps and cuts.

Now you know the right product to use, it’s time for you to know some other tips about shaving! Have a look at these:

1. Never dry shave.

Shaving with a dry razor increases the risk of cuts and discomfort. It also prevents you from taking advantage of one of the benefits of shaving: exfoliation. If you soften your skin first, you'll receive a more effective exfoliation, so try shaving at the end of your bath or shower.

2. Exfoliate

Before applying pre-shave oil, you need to make sure that the oil can seep into your skin. In order to do that, you need to exfoliate your skin. Remember to be gentle with your skin. You can buy exfoliators from stores, but there are some DIY exfoliators too. Exfoliating first prevents the razor from becoming clogged with dead skin cells, reducing its effectiveness.

3. Use cooler water

If you want an extremely hot shower or bath, make sure to let the water cool down before shaving. If you soak your skin in really hot water for an extended period of time, it may become excessively fragile and vulnerable to wounds.

4. Pay attention to the direction of hair growth

Shave against the direction of hair growth for a tighter shave and more efficient hair removal. Hair on the legs, for example, grows downward. To obtain the smoothest results, shave upward.

5. Close your pores

Showering or bathing in warm water expands skin pores. Rinse gently with warm water after shaving to eliminate any signs of foam. Then, to shut the pores, rinse with cold water. To avoid flakiness and dryness, apply a moisturiser right after you finish drying off. This is the moment to apply self-tanning lotion if you use it.

Be mindful of these tips when you shave. Of course for a smooth, long-lasting shave use Baynik pre-shave oil, and Baynik BumpBalm, to pamper your skin! Check them out.

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