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A Proper Beard Guide For Beginner: Best Barber Trimmer Kit

There is no shame in accepting that being a beginner barber, it’s really challenging to manage everything on a budget. Before you start creating your barber kit, let’s know everything about beard and its tools. In this blog, you will learn how to create the best barber trimmer kit.

Before we dig into this particular topic, let’s have a look at the difference between clippers, Trimmers, Shavers & Razors. As a beginner, you should know these things. This article will be a proper guide to your personal grooming tools.

  • What Is A Hair Clipper?

This is designed to cut long hair, especially hair on the head. Clippers can’t be able to cut as close to the skin, as shavers or trimmers.

  • What Is A Trimmer?

Trimmer is specially designed to cut fine or short hair, you can use it to remove the hair from ears, eyebrows, and nose.

  • What Is A Shaver

If you want a clean shave look, use an electric shaver. This device comes in two categories, rotary, and foil. If you want a clean shave, use foil shavers. For thicker and longer hair, Rotary shavers are best.

  • What Is A Razor

For a quick and smooth shave, use a razor. It can be used to shave the face, legs, or body. No electric or battery is required to run the traditional razor. You can use it manually.

Before you start building your beginner's best barber trimmer kit, read and understand the above description, it will help you to know which type of beard owner you are.

Where to Find The Necessary Tools Required In Best Barber Trimmer Kit?

You will get essential barber tools from If you want to have a beautiful beard, you need to use some beard oil, pre-shave lotion, etc. It will moisturize the skin and your facial hair, and help you to get a groomed beard.

As a beginner, you need to add a few tools to make your best barber trimmer kit.

  • Beard Oil

You are much more likely to be familiar with beard oil, basically, it's an essential oil that improves facial growth and keeps it looking healthy and beautiful. This organic oil conditioning and moisturizes your skin and hair, and makes your beard shiny. Beard oil is just amazing for those who have naturally grown facial hair. It is really the best barber kit for beginners. Include this in your list.

  • Beard Balm

Balm plays an important role in beard growth. Whether you have sensitive skin or normal, you can use bump balm lotion that elevates the luster of your skin and prevents tiny unsightly balm. Beard balm nourishes your skin, removes dead cells, and slows down the growth of ingrown hair.

  • Beard Shampoo & Conditioner

It’s mandatory to keep your facial hair clean and scented. But don’t use cheap or ordinary shampoo or conditioner, it contains chemicals that can cause irritation and itching. Always go with the organic or natural-made product that makes your hair more beautiful and keeps it in shape, not messy. Include this into your list of barber kits.

  • Beard Combs and Brushes

Don’t keep your beard as it is, it needs proper care and maintenance. Use beard combs and brushes to give it straight hair and keep it more organized. Combing gives you a more polished look.

  • Beard Growth oil

Do you know the importance of using pre-shave oil? It protects your skin from cuts and knicks and reduces skin irritation. Before using a razor or trimmer, apply this Baynik Pre-Shave Oil on your beard, it will smooth your facial hair and help you to get irritation-free shaving.

  • After Shave Lotion

Include an after-shave lotion in your barber kit, but don’t buy any chemical product. It will harm your beard as well as your skin. Use the organic after shave lotion, it will heal your skin from irritation and help you to get a smooth and shiny beard.

  • Bottom Line

To create your best barber trimmer kit, include these above-mentioned things. It will help you to get a cool look and beautiful bread to be proud of. Groom your facial hair properly with organic lotion and oil. Stay away from any kind of chemical products, it will increase your irritation.


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